Akbar birbal story in english and moral of stories in english

Akbar birbal story in english and moral of stories in english

Akbar birbal story in english, Akbar calls Birbal, Birbal comes after some time, Birbal asks, why have you called me now, Akbar says that we have to go to a place, you have to go with us, then Akbar and Birbal Let’s go together, Birbal says, where are we going, Akbar says, you have to go with us, both of us are going to meet our friend, Birbal says who is this friend,

Akbar birbal story in english

Akbar birbal story in english

Akbar birbal story in english

Akbar says that this is a long time ago, when we went out of some work, then we were in trouble, they saved us, so we are going to meet them, they have called us, now we are It is said that I understood everything, Birbal reaches his palace after some time, but something was not going well, it seemed that some people have come from outside in the palace, Akbar And Birbal understands that maybe our two Your feet have been in trouble, we have to help them, but nothing is being known right now,


After some time, Birbal says that you have to stop at this, because I can see a way, I have to move the palace first, then go to the roof of the palace, only then will you know that What is happening, Akbar says that it will be okay, Akbar says to the soldier that you have to go now, then tell the commander about here, he brought some soldiers with him, but our friends got in trouble. I Yes,


The soldier leaves, because Akbar told him, he tells the commander everything, now the commander takes the soldier, because Akbar called him, while Akbar was looking at Birbal, he would go inside the palace. Is, Birbal reaches inside the palace, Akbar was not aware of what is happening inside the palace, but Akbar was waiting for the commander, he had not come yet, Akbar did nothing.


After some time the commander also comes, he brings soldiers with him, Akbar says that Birbal has gone in, he can do everything, we should capture all the soldiers outside, this is what the commander does, outside All are caught, now Akbar and the generals go inside the palace together, they see that Birbal is inside, he is with his friend, Akbar likes that Birbal is near his friend, the commander and Akbar Everyone inside Catch them, they save their friend, their friends say that we didn’t know anything,


Akbar says that we had already sent Birbal inside the palace, his friend says that we did not know who it was, as we had never seen it before, but they did very well by coming here. Was, when they come, everyone thinks who it is, but they were surprised to see that it came from the roof of the palace, Akbar says that it is Birbal, who is our friend, after that everybody Celebrating,

Akbar birbal story in english

Because if Akbar and Birbal did not come then nothing would happen here, after that everybody would have food, after that Akbar’s friends say that he came from our neighboring state, he wanted to catch me, but it could not happen Was, Akbar says that nothing will happen now, we will definitely help you, because you are our friend,


English story of Akbar and Birbal

Akbar had not yet come to the palace, as it was late in arrival, Birbal was also worried, but when it was too late, Birbal summons the commander, Birbal tells the commander, that we are looking for Akbar I have to go, because Akbar has not come to the palace yet, the commander and Birbal go in search of Akbar, Birbal’s gaze goes on Akbar’s horse after going some distance, the commander also understands that something has gone wrong , Because akbar What’s going on horse and here,


Birbal goes to the horse, after that Birbal gets some voice, it sounds like Akbar, the commander thinks that we have to do something soon, because Akbar is in that forest, Birbal says, We have to go very carefully, because we do not know how many men are inside, the commander and Birbal go into the forest, Akbar sees them, they have some people, but only the commander and Birbal are there, any soldier with them am not, the commander says that I have to go first, but Birbal says that there is no such thing,


Because those people are saying something to Akbar, first I have to go, if need be, you can come there, the commander says that you cannot face them, but Birbal says, he would talk first Yes, if it happens, then it is okay, if it is not there, then you come to that place, saying Birbal goes to them, seeing Birbal coming, everybody catches Birbal, he says , Who are you, Birbal says, that you told Akbar Thus caught, he says, to you know Akbar,


Birbal says that you are right, I know Akbar, because he has troubled me a lot, so I also wanted the same, that what you have done makes everyone happy, but Birbal says , Why have you caught them, everybody says that we need money, that’s why we have done it, Birbal says, if you need money, you will have to go to the palace, tell everyone, Only then you will get money Believing Birbal, he goes to all the palaces, Birbal saves Akbar,

Akbar birbal story in english

After some time the commander also comes, now Akbar was saved, Akbar and Birbal go in with the commander, they are captured, they all understand that Birbal is also with him, Akbar would punish him. Is, after that Birbal gets reward, if you liked this story, then do share

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