English story for kids two stone, A new story of two stones

English story for kids two stone

English story for kids two stone, A new story of two stones, Both of those stones used to live in one place, they never used to meet, because their distance was too much, they used to think that we can never be near in life, because you are far away, we both walk. We cannot even know this, both of us know this stone, both of them always used to talk from a distance, they used to think that one day they can definitely live together, but till when this will be complete, nothing is known. Both of them were very far away from the stone village. , One day he saw coming a man,

English story for kids two stone : A new story of two stones

English story for kids

English story for kids

The man was looking for a good stone, but he had not found anything yet, both of them talk about the stone, that that man can help us, because today after a long time someone has come here, he came Yes, we can also be of help, that man had looked for a good stone everywhere, he sees both of them as stones, they were both very different, because their color was completely different, that man thinks, I should take both these stones but give some After he goes over a stone,


Both of those stones were separated, he could not even talk anymore, because the man took one of them, nothing can be done now, what he would have done, he could not understand anything, Because he could not even walk, he had been together for a long time, but now he is engaged, he thinks the first stone is gone, my friend is gone, now he will not be able to meet me, because I do not even know, where he has been,


He could not do anything, he was left alone, he thinks that my life will be left without a friend, after some time the man comes again, who had taken his friend, he is all stone again. This time, he takes the other one too, the man comes home with it, because he needs it, he takes the stone, puts it near the other stone, when the other stone sees, that his friend Has come, he doesn’t believe,


Because how this has happened, while both of those stones were separated, how can he come to her, this work was done after a long time, but that first stone says, I felt that, maybe now We can never meet in life, but look at the two of us together today, this man is very good, he has brought both of us here, he has kept us here, in this way, those two stones again Were found, because it was written in their lives,

English story for kids two stoneĀ 

We should pay attention to our work, this is necessary for us, if we do everything good, then we can get many things in life, good works in life show you good direction, that stone was not known, That they can meet anytime, but they both got together one day, this is the story that tells us that one should always do good things in life, if you like this english story for kids two stone, then share it,


Story of Stone and Princess

The princess was looking for that unique stone, because he had lost it to the princess, the princess was going to search for him, that stone was very much like the princess, because it was a long time ago, when the princess gave that stone It was taken from the bank of the river, it looked very good to the princess, that stone was very beautiful, he had lost the ditch from the princess, all the soldiers are called, because it was very important to get that stone,


All the soldiers see that stone, because the princess wanted the same stone, he gets the stone to the princess, because he was kept in his room, no one knew that the stone princess had since childhood, She had been keeping that stone with her since her childhood, when the king came to know about this, he is very happy, because he got the stone, the king liked it, that the princess loved that stone Keeps it with you since your childhood, is to meet the king princess,


She tells the princess that you are very good, because you had kept that stone since your childhood, while there are very few people, who do not forget their old things, I looks great that you have done all your things Take care of it, after that the king sees that stone, the king has seen it before too, but it is very beautiful, because this stone is very good, after that the princess walks away with her stone, this story is told to us, should take care of all of life,

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