Inspiring short stories with moral lessons

Inspiring short stories with moral lessons

Inspiring short stories with moral lessons, Three inspiring story that you will like very much, this three inspiring story tells us about life, what we should do in life, so that we can do good work in our life, we can make life better for others. Know about the story,


Greedy farmer inspiring story : Inspiring short stories with moral lessons

Inspiring short stories with moral

Inspiring short stories with moral

The farmer used to covet a lot, he did not even care that if he lured, his life could be affected, one day the farmer was coming home, then he saw a cave, that cave Looks, the sound comes from that cave, the farmer goes to that cave, she says that if you bring a lot of money to me, I can double it, that farmer thinks, This cave is speaking, he feels that this cave is free Area could a lot of money, he is a farmer house,


That farmer takes a lot of money from home, he wants to double that money, the farmer’s wife says, what are you doing, that farmer says, I have to do a lot of my money, this cave Has said that if I bring a lot of money from home, she can double my money, the farmer’s wife says, how can this happen, no cave can speak, he says farmer , That it seems to be a magical cave, so it will give me money Can cry, but the farmer’s wife doesn’t understand anything,


The farmer goes to that cave with money, the wife of the farmer also goes to that cave, he tells the farmer from the cave, double my money, I have brought a lot of money, the sound comes from the cave, You keep this money here, come here after some time, your money will double, the farmer starts walking, but the farmer’s wife looks at the cave, there is a man at that place, she stops the farmer, After that the farmer comes to know , He is a man,

Inspiring short stories with moral

Who wants to take his money. The farmer goes to that place, he takes his money back, the farmer’s wife says that you should not be lured, because if you lured, then you could have suffered a lot, that man would take our money Gone, the farmer realizes that he should not be lured in life, after that he gives up greed,


Greed tree inspiring story- 2

The boy looks at it, is a very beautiful tree, this tree looks like something in this forest, I think this tree is different, it can give me a lot, that boy comes to that tree, The tree starts speaking, that boy is scared, because no tree can speak, that tree says, my fruit is very sweet, if you eat them, it will be very good, that boy thinks, This fruit is very sweet, if I eat it, it will Can feel very good,


That tree says, what are you thinking, my fruits are very sweet, you can sell them in the market, it can make you rich, that boy starts to covet, he feels that this tree makes me rich Maybe, because this tree is giving me fruits too, its fruits are looking very much, I can sell them in the market, he takes fruits from it, he eats them first, he likes that fruit very much, because He never ate that fruit before These were,


When that boy eats the fruit, he sees that he is no longer able to move forward, how can this happen, he cannot go anywhere, that boy says, what has happened to me, in Can’t go further, the tree says, now that you have become my slave, now you cannot go from here, that boy thinks that all this has happened because of my greed, if not greed If he does not know about this tree, I do not live here, but now Was ¬†could not be, he could not go anywhere boy now,


This inspiring story tells us that in life, we must decide by thinking, we must also remember that we do not have to do greed in life, because of greed we get in trouble, if you find it inspiring. If you liked the story, then share it


Greedy monkey inspiring story- 3

The monkey was very greedy, whoever gave him the fruit, he believed him, but the monkey could not think that if he lured, he could get into trouble, one day the monkey was sitting on the tree, He was thinking something, then a fox comes to him, she says that I have brought very good fruits for you, it would be nice if you ate these fruits, I have a job to do with you, that monkey fox has Comes, the monkey says, what do I do Confirms,


The fox says that there is one thing you can do, the monkey says, if you give me the fruit, then I can do anything, this is what the fox wanted, the fox says, first you see the fruit Take, then you can do my work, but the greedy monkey says that no fruit is visible here, the fox says that I have kept all the fruits in that cave, the greedy monkey says, Ok, i see those fruits, the fox also goes after him ,

Inspiring short stories with moral

That greedy monkey goes to the cave, because he was lured by the fruit, there is a lion in that cave, the lion says that today you have come here, today you cannot escape, because a few days ago the monkey lion Had disturbed, that greedy monkey could no longer go anywhere, because his greed made him stand here, the greedy monkey thinks that he should not be lured, this inspiring story tells us, Never covet in life No, if you liked this Inspiring short stories with moral lessons, then share it,

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