Panchatantra stories in english for two tiger

Panchatantra stories in english for two tiger | English stories

Panchatantra stories in english for two tiger, Both of us have come very far, we do not understand that this path is right, nothing is going to be known, we have to think something to go to our house, because we do not understand, where is this road But who is taking this cave in front, both of them stop, because they do not know who this cave can be, both of them think that this cave can also be of a tiger, we have here We should walk, we don’t come to this place Received, he thinks, is that anyone can use, we have not been inside,

Panchatantra stories in english for two tiger | English stories

Panchatantra stories in english

Panchatantra stories in english

But if the tiger is inside then trouble can come, both of them are scared too, because they do not understand what they can do, they stay away from that cave, one of them would throw stones and stone from that cave. Is, he falls near the stone cave, two tigers come out of that cave, both men are very scared to see the lion, because from so close they were seeing the tiger, both of them were outside the cave. , He also wanted to see, He came from whence the stone,


These two men run away, that tiger sees them, they go after them, both of them get scared, because today that lion can hunt them, they both think that we are in trouble here today gone, nothing can happen now, what can be done, those two tigers come to them, both of them stop, they cannot do anything before the speed of the lion, that man thinks, Today this problem will not go away, this No one can help us but not,


After some time, both those tigers come to them, that man gets scared, what can be done now, he cannot face the tiger, this trouble came in front of him, but after some time both tigers stop. Is, he does not move forward, he sees both men, how it has happened, both of them have stopped, he is not moving forward, but both lions are going backwards, that lion should return after some time. Go, but the man thinks that this was some how,


They both look back, someone is behind them, they felt like someone is standing behind, they are bears, now they both understood that due to that bear, both of them had gone to the tiger, but there is no benefit. No, because now that bear will attack us, no one can save us, that trouble was not reduced, but it was increased a lot, that bear sees them more, but says nothing, he returns. Goes away, both of them don’t understand anything Land, he was found out why bears,


Both of them go towards the house, but how this happened, that bear did not say anything, he did not want to attack them, he had saved us both from the tiger also, it did not make any sense. They reach home, but even today did not understand to tell them, how can that bear save us, one of them says that I have remembered now, it is a long time ago, when I was younger, then my father brought a bear, I loved that bear so much,

Panchatantra stories in english for two tiger

But after some time I had to leave that bear in the forest, maybe this bear could be the one who saved us both from the tiger, that animal is very good, which has not forgotten our favor till date, remember everything. Yes, both of them get depressed, thinking that today they had saved them from the lion, if you liked this Panchatantra stories in english for two tiger, then share it,

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