Tenali raman stories and tenali ramakrishna stories in english

Tenali raman stories and tenali ramakrishna stories in english

Tenali raman stories and tenali ramakrishna stories in english, Tenali raman whom are you looking for, the man asks for this, but the tenali raman starts searching again, but that man does not understand this, that man comes to ramakrishna, he says that you have someone The problem is, you can tell us, ramakrishna says, I am looking for a thief, who has just left from here, the shopkeeper seems very upset, I think, if he is not caught, then Trouble may come, because he will steal again,

Tenali raman stories and tenali ramakrishna stories in english

Tenali raman stories

Tenali raman stories

tenali raman was looking for that thief, after that the man says, do not worry that you look for him too, tenali raman is happy to hear this, because today he seemed to help them Someone has come, that man was very good, after that both that man and tenali raman look for that thief, he does not find the thief, they both get upset, because that thief is in the market, but they Can not find, the man says, The parties have not bothered, because we can explore together shortly,


tenali raman knows this, that both of us can definitely find him, he both sees that a man is stealing from a shop, he thinks who is this, who is stealing, tenali The raman says that I think he is a thief, because I have seen him, the thief sees them both, he runs away, this time the man says that I have seen him too, now he is from us Can not escape, both fall behind that thief,


The thief runs away, because it was very crowded, it seemed that it is very difficult to catch the thief here, but both of them are not going to leave him, he chases him until he is caught by the thief. Is, till then nothing will happen, the thief goes out of the market, tenali raman sees it, he says that he should be chased, then he gets a soldier, he tells the soldier everything, now he The three chase the thief, he caught the thief Gets, now he can’t go anywhere,


tenali raman brings the thief in front of the king, the king punishes the thief, then the king asks the tenali raman, how this thief was caught, tenali raman says that both of us were chasing it, after that Soldiers were also found, all three of us caught the thief, the king is very happy, he says that you have done this very good thing, after that they are rewarded,


story of tenali ramakrishna and trouble


tenali ramakrishna looked upset today, because he had seen the one who was working very hard, but he seemed upset, tenali ramakrishna was looking at him, he was looking at his farm, he was looking at that farm It seemed very disturbing to see, tenali also seemed upset with that farmer’s trouble, tenali goes to him to find out why that farmer is unhappy, that farmer looks at them, that farmer says, who are you ,


tenali ramakrishna says, seeing you upset it came on, the farmer says that my family was very happy, but now it is not so, everything has changed, my boy does not talk to me, he should be married Has gone, he wants to stay away from me now, hearing this, tenali says, why is he doing this, farmer says, his wife says that he doesn’t want to live on this, she wants to stay away from here, But i am very old, i am nothing I can hear tenali ramakrishna sad,


Because he knows that the place where an old man will go now is not good, the tenali raman says that you should not worry, I can overcome your problem, you go with me to the king, he Everything can be fixed, the farmer does not know what will happen, but what the tenali raman is saying, maybe it can be alright, when the king realizes this, his boy is called, he is asked Is that what is happening, you are not good Are you


While your father is very old, he is unable to do anything, he is unhappy, you are doing work that can cause trouble, the boy keeps quiet, the old farmer says that he has grown too old., where should I go, you should think about it, tenali raman goes to the boy, he says that when you grow old, you will also be left, maybe you can understand this then Hearing this, the boy thinks, raman is right, i shouldn’t do that,

Tenali raman stories and tenali ramakrishna stories in english

After that the troubles of the old farmer goes away, he now lives with his boy, he says to the tenali raman, that you have overcome my problem, on hearing this, the tenali raman says, there is no such thing Is, I think, a man who is happy, he moves forward in life, if you liked this story, then do share it.

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